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No. 37: Guy Roux Maître Chocolatier

Leave it to  the French to produce amazing sugar-free chocolate.  Guy Roux is affectionately known as the le roi du chocolat sans sucre. Using a selection of beans from South America, he and his artisanal staff produce pure cocoa butter chocolate without sugar. It’s 100-percent natural (no artificial sweeteners), has 40-percent fewer calories, and it is surprisingly delicious!

After hours of tastings, it was pure delight to come across this exciting young chocolatier. I was dubious chocolate sans sucre would tempt my taste buds, but indeed it did.  His mendiants were deliciously on par with others at le salon du chocolat, but what really “took the cake” was his  chocolate spreads.  Handing out his products and gamely chatting with the crowd, he and his creamy and subtly sweet cocoa concoctions completely won me over.


le mendiants: traditional French confection composed of a chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits representing the four mendicant or monastic orders of the Dominicans, Augustinians, Franciscans and Carmelites. Each of the nuts and dried fruits used refer to the color of monastic robes with tradition dictating raisin for the Dominicans, hazelnuts for the Augustans, dried figs for Franciscans and almonds for Carmelite. Usually found during Christmas, recipes for this confection have veered away from the traditional combination of nuts and fruits to other combinations incorporating seeds and fruit peels. Wikipedia.

le roi du chocolat sans sucre: the king of chocolate without sugar



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