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Bedside Reading

bookshelf flash I am by no means a snob littéraire, en fait, I tend to gravitate to the lighter reads. Still I enjoy reading and am always interested in what others have at their bedside. I belong to a fabulous book group à Paris, whose members keep me in the know about what’s new on the shelf, and also what I’ve missed (a lot). We are an international group, but somehow end up heavy on British authors, which I actually love. Heck, I’ve been reading North American authors all my life.

In addition to book group books, I, much to the latest public opinion’s chagrin, like to read what some critics call “Froglit”: books about France, the French, and all things French (usually, but not always, presented in a positive light), and of course written by some French devotee and possible sap, sucked into the whole myth of the paradise that is France.

So sue me. I personally appreciate these optimistic tomes, but also love to laugh out loud with the naysayers, for example: Stuff Parisians Like, and Paris I LOVE You, but You’re Bringing Me Down.

I always try to be reading an “easy” book in French. (I know, it IS good for me, but it’s NOT easy!), and some sort of book related to food or cooking. To add to the cliché, I throw in a travel book, fitness magazine, and of course the BBC online and the random NPR podcast here and there. (Gosh, I miss Ira Glass!)

So please let me know what you’re reading, so I can figure out what I should be reading.

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  1. Love this…and the rest of your blog!!

    November 23, 2013
  2. Can recommend books by Russian author, Dovlatov…popular in U.S. A street named after him in New York…alas died at 49…books difficult to get in UK at moment…trying hard for more paperback; Amazon expensive..maybe shipping costs…
    Hope I’m still on Margo’s page..maybe got into m uddle…Sylvia…87..Long-ago Newspaper girl

    July 8, 2015

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