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We took the day off and spent a quiet and relaxing day in Ancenis and Oudon in the Vallée du Hâvre. Both are teeny tiny towns and designated Ville Fleurie (Flowering City), with medieval towers and châteaux. Ancenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpgAncenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpg If you like French butter and forklifts, Paysan Breton’s beurre moulé doux et demi sel is packaged here, along with Toyota’s industrial equipment. beurre-moule-doux-paysan-breton_4872585_3412290011067 Aside from taking in the view and strolling along the riverbanks or canoeing on the Hâvre, there is not much of anything to do, which is exactly what we needed…plus I even got to cycle in a skirt and straw hat. Ancenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpg Ancenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpg Ancenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpg Ancenis—Oudon_France_loire_a_velo.jpg We are staying at bed and breakfast très charmant with yet another affable hostess. The always-smiling Delphine speaks in rapid, animated French, that somehow is easy to understand. She bakes homemade breads and cakes, tends a beautiful garden and has made us feel at home. Today we have a short (40 km) and scenic ride to Nantes to rendezvous with Nicola and check out the capital city of the Pays de la Loire, Jules Verne’s stomping ground, the castle and tower of the dukes of Brittany, and hopefully the giant marionettes of Royal de Luxe. havre_river_loire_a_velo_france.jpg havre_river_loire_a_velo_france.jpg À tout à l’heure…

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  1. It all looks quite wonderful and its important to have an occasional day off; I told you that I pictured you in a skirt and bonnet! Incidentally it would be interesting to know a little about your route, are you riding on roads, tracks or dedicated cycle paths?

    June 30, 2015
    • The Loire à Vélo path is about 50-percent a dedicated paved bike path-for walkers and bikes, and approximately 40-percent small paved farm/village roads with very little traffic. The other 10-percent is gravel or dirt paths (still maintained), that I think as money frees up, the government will eventually pave. It’s a very well signed and an amazing network of paths and roads. Very easy to do on your own without hiring a company to guide you.

      June 30, 2015
  2. ROL #

    Très très bonne idée de faire un stop ! Je vous embrasse Marie-Françoise

    June 30, 2015
    • Oui. Il était une bonne idée. Nous avons une autre pause ici à Nantes. C’est drôle, mais il nous manque déjà nos vélos!

      June 30, 2015
  3. Melissa #


    June 30, 2015

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