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Eating in Paris


Allard Restaurant

Great French bistro. Alain Ducasse, Chef.

41, rue Saint-Andre des Arts

75006 Paris

01 43 26 48 23



French cuisine. Good fixed menu. Go for lunch.

54, rue de Seine

75006 Paris

01 43 54 34 50


Au Petit Tonneau … une cuisine de femme

20, rue Surcouf

75007 Paris

01 47 05 09 01

Cuisine: French home cooking and comfort food.

Good solid French country cooking with red checkered table clothes, sympa owners, and good wine.

French and some English


Au Bon Acceuil

One of the best French meals I’ve had in France. Three course menus using seasonal ingredients. Inventive starters, plats, and desserts. VERY curmudgeony waiters, but the food makes up for it. Great for special occasion.

14, rue de Montessuy

75007 Paris

Boulangerie Lapelosa

Super friendly and patient and appreciate all efforts to speak French.

16, avenue Rapp

75007 Paris

01 45 51 66 39



La Veraison

64 rue de la Croix Nivert

75015 Paris

01 45 32 39 39

Cuisine: French/European, Seasonal and Market to Table

This is our go to restau in Paris for a cozy celebratory dinner or special girlfriends lunch. Not only is the food delicious and interesting, the plating is lovely, and the sassy Spanish waitress and friendly chef make for a perfect evening.

French, English, Spanish and German spoken.

B. & M. Gagnepain


Perfect when you don’t feel like cooking dinner and are hungry for meat and potatoes. The take-away ribs are delicious and the free-range chicken is nice. (Right next door, is a good carryout place to pick up your veggies.)

3, rue de Lourmel

75015 Paris

01 45 79 29 26


Crêperie Broceliande

15, rue des Trois Frères


01 42 23 31 34

no website

Cuisine: Tasty, authentic and affordable crêpes. Galettes and crêpes made with traditional Bretagne recipes. The cider and flour comes from Bretagne.

My favorite crêperie in Montemartre. Make sure to order the menu with une galette salée et une crêpe sucrée. And please don’t forget the le cidre (cider)!

French and English.


HOPE Café Restaurant Épicerie (Bio Organic)

64, rue Lamarck


01 46 06 54 40

no website

Cuisine: Delicious vegetarian and meat dishes, like you would find in Boulder or Berkeley. Market fresh ingredients, casual dining. Something for everyone.

French and English.

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  1. I agree with you about Au Bon Acceuil! Very good. Have you tried Cafe Constant in the same area? It has become a bit too touristic in the recent years but remains highly recommended.

    February 8, 2014
    • Yes. I really like Cafe Constant. The chef’s wife is in my book group and lovely as can be. I had the best Saint-Jacques I’ve had in Paris there. They also started serving my good friend Marie-Françoise confiture de fraise, which is makes it worth stopping in for a café and croissant in the morning. Thanks for reminding me to add them to my list.

      ps. I like you blog a lot. Well done!

      February 9, 2014
      • Good morning!

        I used to go to Cafe Constant every week when Eduardo from Brazil was the chef –did you go there when he was there or after he left? To be honest, I don’t even know who the current chef is!

        By any chance, do you live in the neighborhood? I used to, at number 135 🙂

        PS Another excellent restaurant in the same area (Rue Malar) is Highly recommended, fun and probably the best meal I have had in Paris. Choose Carte Blanche for 80€ and let the chef create whatever he feels like 🙂

        February 9, 2014
      • I was talking about the chef-chef, CC. Quite charming and his wife even more so. 🙂

        You are the third person who has told me about l’ami Jean. I better make a reservation. Too late for Valentine’s Day no doubt. I’ll have to come up with another excuse. Thanks for the nudge.

        February 10, 2014
      • Ah ok 🙂 The chef-chef 🙂

        February 10, 2014

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