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Navettes Classiques

Navettes Classiques

From Beyond the French Riviera,


This is one of the rare biscuits made without yeast, and can be kept all year; it only needs to be warmed up before eating. There are three types available in Marseilles. 

“Navette â la fleur d’oranger” is the classic.

“Navette Marseillaise” skips the fleur d’oranger.

“Navette Provencale has the fleur d’oranger, is softer and doesn’t keep as long.


Preparation, Resting, Cooking: 3-1/2 hours
 (makes 1 kg dough)

500 g flour [farine]250 g sugar [sucre]75 g butter [beurre]3 eggs [oeuf]

1 zest lemon

5 cl orange flower water5 cl water [eau]

1 teasp milk [lait]

1 egg yolk [jaune d’oeuf]

A zeste de citron is a single strip of peel from a lemon.

1. Put the water and orange flower water (fleur d’oranger) together.

2. Put the flour and sugar into a mixing bowl and grate in the lemon peel.

3. Add the butter, 3 eggs and orange-water and and mix into a stiff dough.

4. Set the dough in a warm place for 1 hour.

5. Separate the dough into small balls about 50 g each.

6. Roll each ball out to an oval, pinching the two ends down sharply.

7. Put the ovals of dough on a buttered baking tin, and dent down the center of each, making the boat (navette) form.

8. Set aside for 2 hours.

9. Beat the egg yolk and milk together and paint it (dorer) onto the top of each navette.

10. Cook in a medium oven.

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