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No. 144: Effeuiller la Marguerite-He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not



Il m’aime un peu—beaucoup—passionément—à la folie—pas du tout…

He loves me a little—very much—passionately—madly—not at all



Je crois que c’est mieux to play the game of love, effeuiller la marguerite, in France than in America.


The odds are forever in your favor. You have at least a 4 out of 5 chance of finding some degree of love when pulling petals from a daisy en France.





effeuiller la marguerite: to play “he loves me, he loves me not”; literally, “to pick the petals off the daisy”

en français: in French

je crois que c’est mieuxI believe it is better to…

No. 143: French Terms of Endearment

This one goes out to mon chéri, mon cœur, mon trognon.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Superman.

What’s your favorite term of endearment?


mon amour: my love, mon ange: my angel, mon bébé: my baby

ma belle my beautiful

ma biche: my doe, fawn, ma bichette: my little doe, mon bijou: my jewel

ma caille: my quail, mon canard: my duck

mon chaton; my kitten, ma chatte: my cat, mon cher / ma chère: my dear

mon chéri / ma chérie: my dearie

mon chou: my cream puff (my cabbage), mon petit cochon: my little pig

mon coco: my coco(nut) / rooster, ma cocotte: my hen

mon cœur: my heart, ma douce: my sweet / sweetie

mon doudou: blankie, soft one

mon grand / ma grande: my big guy / girl

mon lapin: my rabbit, ma loutre: my otter, mon loup: my wolf

ma mie: my dear/love (from mon amie, also the soft part of bread)

ma miel: my honey

mon mignon: my cutie, mon minet / mimi / ma minette: my pussycat

ma moitié: my half

mon nounours: my teddybear

mon petit / ma petite: my little guy / girl, ma poule: my hen

mon poulet / ma poulette: my chicken

ma poupée: my doll, mon poussin: my chick

mon précieux, ma précieuse: my precious, ma puce: my flea

mon sucre d’orge: my barley sugar / candy cane

mon trésor: my treasure, mon trognon:  my (apple) core

source: Huffington Post

source: Huffington Post

…and some equally amusing terms of endearment en anglais:

Angel, Angel Face, Boo, Baby, Baby Cakes, Babe, Bean, Bug, Bunny, Button

Chicken, Cookie Ears, Crab Cake, Cupcake, Cutie Pie, Dumpling, Darling, Goose

Hookie Poo, Honey, Honey Pie, Honey Bunny, Little Bucket

Little One, Love, Lovey, Love Bug

Mate, Muffin, Noodle, Pumpkin, Pookie, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut, Potato, Pine nut

Sassafras, Sass, Spicy Pepper, Soul Mate, Sweetheart, Sweetness

Sweet Thing, Sweet Pea

Sweetie-pie, Sweets, Sweet Cheeks, Sugar, Sugar Bug, Sugar Plum

Tootsie Pants, Toots, Widget

…and my all-time favorite: Cheese Weasel