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No. 79: Santa en mass


We ran across some great holiday cheer outside of Paris yesterday. Or I should say Superman and his best buddy Nigel ran across it, or more accurately, in it.

The Corrida de Noël, is an annual 10k race where the reason to run is the tacky Santa suit that comes with the race registration fee. This is one race where your finish time doesn’t matter, but your tribute to Père Noël makes all the difference in the world.


This year there were over 5,000 runners who ticked the racing box for the course déguisée and ran the race dressed as Old Saint Nick.

And why not? Where else but in France would you get to smoke and drink mulled wine before the race even starts.


 What a great way to sprint to Christmas…only 8 more days until Kris Kringle makes his way down your chimney.



course déguisée: the disguised/costumed race


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