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No. 61: The Other Eiffel Tower Park



Affiche-Expo Solidaire copie

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  1. Sarah Larson #

    I love these!…the giraffe, the cherries, the man with the pipe…just wonderful. Are these displayed in a park near the tower? A temporary exhibit or something else?

    December 3, 2013
  2. I know, I love this park too. Maybe I should have explained it in the post, but j’adore the paintings and the annual festival, and I like the art to speak for itself.

    They call it l’Expo Solidaire: Eiffel en Fête.

    Every year for the past 4 years they invite the community, families, children, schools, and local artists to come and paint new pictures of the Eiffel Tower reflecting a chosen theme. This year the theme was la liberté, one year it was musique, one year it was fantaisie. The pictures I posted were taken over 3 years.

    The first time we lived in Paris we lived in the 15eme, nearly right across from this park. That’s how I discovered it. Over the course of a couple of weekends, the community comes together with their ideas and supplies and paints. It’s so much fun to watch. They have live music and clowns and balloons. It is a wonderful family event.

    Around about the end of February/March a maintenance crew comes and paints them all over and the boards in the park remain black for about 4 months, until the festival begins again in the summer and the new paintings appear.

    So colorful and happy! (When it’s not black…) Another reason I love France.

    December 4, 2013

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