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No. 16: The Rain

It rains a lot in France. In fact my British friends say that the weather in Paris is just as bad, if not worse, than the weather in London. According to weather sites, we get 150-175 days of rain a year here in Paris. In the last few months, we have had some major downpours, and a lot of grey.

However, lately I have been thanking the All Mighty for sending the rain, because I simply can’t take another day of sidewalks splattered with man pee. What is it with the French and peeing in public?

Please use the WC! Thanks.

Please use the WC! Thanks.

It is the rule, not the exception, for me and Taz to run into at least one man who is “faire-ing” the pipi each morning. Do they just forget to go to the bathroom before they leave for work?  Does that first teeny-tiny shot of espresso do their bladder in? Does it feel good to air their junk out in the morning, before shutting it up in the office for the day?

Just exactly what do they think is NOT gross about leaving a huge puddle of urine on the walls and sidewalks of the city?

Besides the fact that Taz tugs on his leash to get in on the splashing action, what makes it even more awkward is the casual way they finish up with a just-shaking-the-drip-off-flourish, before tucking in, zipping up, and sometimes even winking.  Aidez-moi!

So please, please, please send the rain by Saturday. The sidewalks need a shower. We’ve got a whole mess of man pee to wash away.


Aidez-moi!  Help me!

faire pipi: to pee, to go number 1

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  1. Melissa #

    And there I was thinking it was all dog pee! So glad we didn’t have this experience when we visited in June!

    October 23, 2013
    • As Button says, “You can always smell the difference between man pee and dog pee!”

      October 23, 2013

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