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No. 224: Under the Dome at Galeries Lafayette

I am only a bargain shopper and I really only buy things at the dernière démarque, and I have never bought anything at the Galeries Lafayette, accept a couple of macarons at the in-store Ladurée. But every now and again, when I’m in the neighborhood of the les grands magasins, I like to pop in, look up, and admire the glorious dome.




dernière démarque: final markdown

les grands magasins: big department stores

No. 82: More Christmas Window Licking

I licked a few more windows this week, but this time exclusively at Printemps. Their windows are sponsored by Prada, oh la la!


They tell less of at story than the windows at Galeries Layafette, instead they combine adorably Prada-dressed or adventure-bound Teddy Bears with luxury products.



More fun than looking at the windows was watching the little children react and see the wonder and excitement in their faces.



lèche-vitrine: window shopping (literally, licking the windows)

Printemps: one of the largest department stores in Paris (literally, spring)