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Please enjoy some of my favorite recipes I’ve discovered in France. Bon appétit!

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  1. BON sejour, veinarde! MAYBE I’ll show up in April … looking hard for my next NYC/Paris apt. exchange (at least 1 month). Reason I’m commenting here among the recipes — need one to use when I test a lovely new poele — maybe I’ll just start with an omelette aux cepes. Should be some cepes in NYC, someplace (sigh)…
    Ellen from

    February 21, 2015
    • Hello. Thanks for stopping in, commenting, and trolling through the recipes. I hope to get a few more posted while I’m in Paris as I’ve booked in for a few cooking classes. So maybe look back in in a week or so.

      By the by, I am really enjoying your blog. At least you have the sheer size of NYC to help find the French and Frenchiness in America. In small town Golden, Colorado, c’est très difficile indeed.

      February 21, 2015
  2. If “La French” is in a cinema somewhere and you’d like to know (a version of) The French side of the French Connection, I highly recommend. The film deserves to play in Golden, but I guess it might not ? Scenes of les Calanques made me miss Marseilles, TOO. Ah, rue des Boulangers! So happens I once spent some time there… No. 8. Never mind how long ago. I’d need a map now to find it. .
    Will check in for recipes.
    Enjoy, enjoy..

    February 21, 2015
    • How funny you stayed on the same street. It is a charmer. I will look for “La French”. I plan to see Timbuktu today which just swept the Césars. I wonder if it has made it to the States yet?

      February 22, 2015
  3. Timbuktu is up for foreign film Oscar and is well worth your time!

    February 22, 2015

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