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Orléans, the French Girls Arrive

Orléans_France_train_station_gare.jpg After a series of mishaps (lost track of time and a lost, but found, phone), we made a mad dash to Paris Austerlitz, and hopped a train to Orléans. After a quick check-in with our hotel, an attempted visit to the tourist office for maps, a hasty peek into Jeanne d’Arc’s house, a one-stop-short-ticket mistakenly purchased for Kitcat, and a scenic, albeit hot, 4 km walk to the bike rental shop, and a valiant attempt to resurrect our rusty French, I wish we could say that we are packed and ready to hit the bike path.

The bad news: a mix-up with our bike reservations. I incorrectly entered my first name as my last and my last name as my first when I made the reservation online, which apparently was too much for the system to handle (?!), means that we are still waiting for our bikes to be delivered. The good news (actually fantastic news): the French girls arrived! My very favorite French girlfriends Hélène and Marie-Françoise have gamely made the trip down from Paris to ride the first stage of the Tour de la Loire, and I couldn’t be more pleased. IMG_1361 61 kilometers…allez!!

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  1. Melinda Lusmore #

    Oh well, time for another verre de vin while you wait!

    June 22, 2015
  2. Love the snapshot and you are up and running – about to be cycling. Loire Valley here you come!! xx

    June 22, 2015
  3. Entering your names in reverse order is an easy mistake to make (which I have done many times) as the French always have their forms in reverse to what we are used to as North American. They always start with the last name…I hope you have a great bike ride along the Loire Valley and it will be fun to follow you along…(Suzanne)

    June 22, 2015
  4. Hooray! It sounds like you’re enjoying despite setbacks. :o) I’m looking forward to more photos soon.

    June 22, 2015
  5. Beautiful! I will make sure to put Orleans on my list to places to visit when I return to France this fall!

    June 22, 2015

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