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No. 226: Wine 101

The ever perky Géraldine Lepère from Comme une Française TV lays out some important wine vocabulary, debunks a few myths about the French and wine, tells us how expats are easily identified at a café by the locals (Hint: Drinking wine without a meal? You clearly aren’t French, but possibly an alcoholic!), and gives us THE prickly wine phrase to use at a French dinner party to start an argument. Take a listen and consider subscribing to her weekly updates. She is adorable and spot on.

source: Comme une Française

source: Comme une Française



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  1. I LOVE Geraldine!! I want to visit her one day and just shake her hand 😉 She’s so helpful!!

    April 30, 2014
  2. Been here 4 months and all I knew was where to purchase – haha! Thanks for sharing def subscribing! Wish I found her earlier

    May 1, 2014

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