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No. 162: France, London-style

I’m traveling to London and environs again to lend support to Button as she auditions for more Musical Theatre programs and to spend time with the much missed Kitcat in Epsom.

I feel like I haven’t been in Paris forever and I have really been missing my life in France. Lucky for me, London seems to (secretly) love the French, as much as I do, as every time I turn around, I seem to run into a little bit of France—London-style, i.e. a bit on the larger (and sometimes slightly cheekier) side of the scale.

As I’ve mentioned before, London is the sixth largest French city in the world with more than 400,000 Frenchies making their home here—in fact, there are more French in London than in Bordeaux.

Here’s a glimpse of why I’m feeling right at home this weekend.

These pastries are all at least twice the size of their compatriots in France…but, bigger is not necessarily better…

Maison Ladurée looks just about the same, although with a much smaller selection at this one…

And of course, Pret à Manger, one of my favorite "French" quick food alternatives...

And of course, Pret à Manger, one of my favorite “French” quick food alternatives…

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  1. Pret a manger is very British even if the name sounds like pret-a-porter!! Leon de Bruxelles and Le Pain Quotidien are from our Belgian friends of course. Patisserie Valerie was founded by Italian brothers in Soho…..
    as I know you like a good proverbe: l’habit ne fait pas le moine (the dress doesn’t make the monk)!!!

    enjoy London!

    March 10, 2014
    • Yes. I knew Pret was British, and not really very French..but I love their salads. And Pain Quotidien Belgian of course (and even in the US)…did not know the history of Patisserie Valerie, but their pastries certainly don’t look quite French.Obviously Leon is from Bruxelles. I just liked the size of the orders of moules on offer. One kilo seems like a lot. It was just nice to see all the French (writing, and menus) this past weekend.. Thanks for clarifying the origins for my readers.

      March 10, 2014
  2. Clara Benioff #

    Thanks for supporting me in London mama! Love the pictures!

    March 10, 2014

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