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No. 14: Olives

Olives! Olives! Olives! You’ve got to love olives if you live in France.olives

Superman and Button are fond of having olive eating contests, so I need to keep the fridge stocked. It’s not unusual to find a mound of pits, neatly arranged on someone’s salad plate chez nous, or a newly clipped recipe ready to be shared, the starring role played by an olive.

olivesFor my family, olives are one of the many pleasures of living in France. Every open air market is full of fabulous, colorful olives. In fact more than a hundred varieties of olive trees are cultivated here. I find that simply amazing. I’m already overwhelmed by the 15-20 choices I have each week as I faire les courses at my favorite marché, I can’t imagine having to choose between an assortment of another eighty.olives2012


chez nous: at our house

faire les courses: to do the shopping; run errands

le marché: the market, usually refers to an open air market

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