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No. 117: Foggy Nights

I guess because I don’t hail from a place where it is foggy, I adore foggy nights in Paris. There is something mysterious and romantic about getting lost in the fog, or at least losing part of your tower.

ET foggy.benioff

ET foggy

ET foggy

ET foggy 2009

…the fog is beautiful in the morning too...

…the fog is beautiful in the morning too……and all day long...

…and all day long…

No. 107: A Mild Winter

I feel guilty posting these pictures as most of the United States is currently experiencing a deep freeze…bon courage, mes amis.

Meanwhile us folks in Paris are having a very mild winter so far. After our brilliant long-lasting autumn, it seems like spring is already knocking on our door. We are expecting mid-to-high 50s (15-10 C) all week, and we had blue skies all morning.

I add mild winters as one of the things I love about this country, because in my short time in France, I have had two mild winters, and one bone chilling winter. (Fingers crossed that warm bones continue this year.) I’m pretty sure I have been VERY lucky, but coming from a state whose motto is “300 Days of Sunshine”, I am used to bright and sunny winters.

Christmas in Colorado, 2011

Christmas in Colorado, 2011

While I’m sure that winter hasn’t come and gone in Paris, the trees and flowers on the Champ de Mars, seem to have their own idea.


bon courage, mes amis: good luck, my friends