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Posts tagged ‘Springtime in Paris’

No. 273: Spectacular Lightning

Lightning strikes the top and to the side of the Eiffel Tower in Paris Photo: BERTRAND KULIK/CATERS

Lightning strikes the top and to the side of the Eiffel Tower in Paris Photo: BERTRAND KULIK/CATERS

We have had two crazy storm here in Paris over the last few nights. I was too chicken to go outside and photograph them, and the photos I took from my windows did not do the storms justice, so I grabbed this gorgeous picture off of google images (source: BERTRAND KULIK/CATERS).

I am a sucker for thunder and lightning storms. I love them and I fear them, and these past two nights have been spectacular–with snarling roars and jagged streaks striking the tip of my beloved tower.

No. 166-170: Hoofing It, Men’s Shoes, Asparagus, Magnolias, and Legal Ice Cream

This fabulous weather has made it difficult for me to stay chez moi and blog the sunny days away. There are so many things to admire in France when the sky is blue, the temperature is warm and the natives are smiling. But it’s time to start catching up on the remaining 200-things-I-love-about-France, so here is a quick list of five springtime things I’m crazy for:

  1. Not having to own a car. I’ll take a walk, trot, stroll, gallop, amble, promenade, tromp, pedal, ride, or glide any day over having to sit behind the wheel of a car. I love the freedom to be able to get most anywhere by foot or bike



  2. Colorful Men’s Shoes. Gorgeous, happy, and fun. If only I could get Superman to slip on a
  3. Asparagus Season. It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! One of the my favorite springtime veggies has just arrived at the market.asparagus-at-market-paris.jpg
  4. Magnolia Blossoms. Splendid, superb and spectacular.magnolia-paris-spring.jpg

5.    It’s now “legal” to eat ice cream in public. Need I say more?ice-cream-paris.jpg

No. 156: Signs of Springtime in Paris

After a seemingly endless and bold fall, and a warm and mild winter (en fait, I’m not even sure winter ever visited), springtime in Paris has already arrived. Here are a few signs, in case you need some convincing. I shot all of these photos this morning, I promise.

1. The daffodils are blooming along the Quai.

The daffodils are blooming along the Quai.

The legions of tourists are back and queuing everywhere.


The grass is STILL resting, comme d’habitude.

The Eiffel Tower has some gorgeous new arm candy.


That rascal, Taz, is digging in the flowers.

The rooftops are in top form.


The Parisians have swapped out part of their black wardrobe in favor of vivid colors.

The annuals have been planted and are blooming just like the flowering trees.


It’s time to decide which warm weather handbag to use.


comme d’habitude: as usual