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No. 264-268: Burano, Murano, Gondolas, Street Lights, and Masks

In another moment of cheekiness, I feel inclined to post about somewhere other than France this morning. I justify these infrequent and random posts secure in the knowledge that if I wasn’t living in France, there is no way I would have the opportunity to so easily and cheaply leave la belle France and explore other parts of Europe. The ability to make these trips from the bustling hub of my hometown Paris is yet another thing I love about France.

Donc here are a few colorful memories from an inspiring quick trip to Venice. While Superman was busy discussing green growth and climate change with graduate students in a city which is 18 inches or so from being wiped out by sea level rise, I was strolling through the back streets of Venice and visiting the islands beyond while they are still here.


No. 263: Monet in Venice

I was extremely fortunate to accompany Superman on a work trip to Venice, the City of Changing Light. A painter’s and photographer’s dream.