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No. 123: Le Jardin des Plantes

Okay. So it’s not quite Martinique, but the glasshouses of le Jardin des Plantes are certainly a warm and wonderful place to spend a cold and cloudy winter day in Paris.

jardin des plantes

…a fern fiddle head à la Doctor Seuss...

…a fern fiddle head à la Doctor Seuss…


jardin des plantes: botanical gardens



No. 97-98: Flowers and Plants of Martinique

logo-villes-et-villages-fleurisMartinique is bursting with flowers and most of their cities are designated villes fleuries. I think they should go one step further and designate the whole of Martinique as a “flower and plant island”. The diversity of flower and plant life on this tiny island knocks my socks off. Take a look (and hold on to your socks).




villes fleuries:  literally flowered villages/cities; a designation given by the French government (since the 1950s) to cities and towns in France that foster not only beautiful flowers, but also improve the quality of city life and make newcomers feel welcome; the designation is based on a four flower rating system.