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No. 298: Eiffel’s Café Chair Tower

eiffel=tower-red-chairs.jpgIf you have been following my final 365-days in France, you know that I am mad for the Eiffel Tower and anything Eiffel inspired. For the past few weeks, we have been seeing double on the Champ de Mars, so I have been doubly happy…well it also helps that we have come to the end of five-weeks of back-to-back visitors, but that’s another story…

Even if I wasn’t overjoyed by the chance to reclaim our apartment, I would still be tickled pink (or crimson) by the two Eiffel Towers gracing the park en ce moment. A French company has temporarily set up a 40-foot red Eiffel Tower made from 324 café chairs to celebrate the upcoming 125th anniversary of Gustave’s most famous landmark.


The fire engine-red sculpture will only be on the Champ de Mars until tomorrow afternoon, although rumor has it, it is being secretly transferred to an undisclosed location somewhere else in the City of Light. Stay tuned.

No. 133: Sunglasses Required

There aren’t many days in Paris when sunglasses are essential, but we just hit a few of those days this past weekend. Coming from a state that boasts 300 days of sunshine, I was used to always having a pair of sunglasses with me, but since moving to the City of Light, I can go months without showing off my bug eyes.

Sunday and Monday were exceptionnelles. When Paris skies are blue, the whole city takes note and rushes out to soak up a bit of sunshine.


exceptionnelles: exceptional

No. 50: The Sparkling Tower

Christmas_Eiffel_tower_sparkling_2009.jpbThose of you who know me well, know that j’adore la Tour Eiffel. No matter how many times I see it, it still sets my heart a flutter. I love it morning, noon, or night.

But what I really love about MY tower, as we call it chez nous, is when it sparkles every hour on the hour from sundown to midnight. Not only is it plain lovely to see, but it always makes me smile to hear the crowds who are seeing it light up for the very first time.

The communal “Ooooooh!” and gasps of surprise and awe make my evening trot around the Champ de Mars with Taz so happy, and reminds me that I am the luckiest girl in the world to live in the City of Light and Sparkles!


Champ de Mars: the expansive green area at the foot of the Eiffel Tower extending to École Militaire (literally the field of Mars)

chez nous: at our house

J’adore la Tour Eiffel.: I adore/love the Eiffel Tower