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No. 103: New Beginnings

artwork: Thomas Gouin

I’ve fallen a little bit behind on my postings post-holiday.

This is not the way I envisioned starting off this New Year, but sometimes “life happens” and the universe throws you a curve ball when you are least expecting it, forcing you to change course a little bit and refocus your energy.

But I am back now and reenergized by my resolutions to TRY not to beat myself up when things don’t go exactly as scheduled.

I hope to be more accepting of life just happening, rather than being planned, and be more kind to myself when I fail. I’d like to ease up on the reins and be more willing to go with the flow, be more gracious and giving, and smile more easily and often. But most of all, I want to spend more time in the present and less time dwelling on the past or preparing for the future.

That’s what I love about the challenge of this blog and my pledge to find one thing a day that brings me joy in this complex country. To me, this January represents not only the opportunity to reflect on the past, but a promise of a fresh start. And who doesn’t love a fresh start?


Reflecting on “fresh starts” over the last few days has reinforced in me the transformative power of our move to France.

Along with the excitement and steep learning curve that comes with an international move, I have also had the opportunity not only to begin to reinvent myself, but also to discover new things about myself and learn to be less risk adverse. While new beginnings and personal transformations certainly aren’t emblematic of life in France exclusively, they are of MY life in France.

Moving to Paris has given me the opportunity to see the world from a whole new perspective and to be part of an expat and French community that supports and nourishes me. It has certainly been humbling and challenging to be out of my comfort zone when it comes to learning a new language and trying to understand a different culture. But living here has pushed me to grow intellectually, gain confidence and remember who I am and what makes me happy.

In Paris I have been very lucky indeed to walk out my front door and be inspired by the physical beauty of this city I love. The architecture, the food, the culture, the attention to detail, the language, the people—they all still take my breath away. For all the good, bad and annoying things this country has to offer, I am grateful.

copyright: nancy benioff 2013

Alors, to my new readers in cyberland, and my dear friends and family, I wish you all the desire

  • to claim a fresh start in some aspect of your life,
  • to lose the fear, even for just a moment, to try (and maybe fail) at something you’ve always wanted to do,
  • and the ability to laugh and be gentle with yourself no matter the outcome.

Thanks for reading and supporting me, here is to your 365 days of something you love…bonne année!