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No. 310: BBC Arts

As my time continues to tick away–only 44 days until I have to leave France–I am starting to notice a lot more little things I am going to miss about living in France.


One is the easy (and timely) access to the BBC and the complete lack of American broadcast news. How lovely is it to live somewhere where the world doesn’t revolve around the USA? Very lovely. I love being reminded every day that the whole world matters, not just “the greatest nation in the World”. On top of that bit of humility, I like the fact that international news programs focus on things other than the top stories and sensationalized local events. I love the fact that they dedicated 5-10 minutes an hour during their primetime broadcasts to telling us about the arts too. The top-5 news stations in the US would never dream of doing this crazy promotion of the ARTS, nor would the viewers ask for it.

Only 44-days left of my free and easy access to the BBC, but a continued subscription is at the top of my list, right along side my Nespresso machine.