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Finding Paris in Chicago

I have been traveling non-stop since I returned from Paris and collecting photos of “French America”.

I came across this awkwardly shaped piece of the Notre Dame de Paris embedded in the Tribune Tower. Inspired by the Button Tower of the cathedral at Rouen, France, “the Tribune Tower exemplifies the way American architects have elevated office buildings to sacred status.” 


The base of the Tribune Tower contains 120 stones from important locations all around the world, including the Parthenon, in Greece; the pyramids, in Egypt; the Taj Mahal, in India; the Alamo, in San Antonio; the Great Wall of China; Injun Joe Cave in Missouri, and of course a piece from Paris’ grand dame.

Is that a gargoyle’s nose? I hope so.

I love Chicago’s architecture. Who doesn’t? So much tradition blended with startling metal and glass. It is especially fabulous on a rare blue-skied spring day. It was wonderful to catch up with my lovely girls and take Kitcat out for her first legal drink stateside.

Chicago_Architecture_Skyline. jpg



No 206: Bordeaux’s Saint Mark’s Square

Inspired by the winter flooding on Venice’s St. Mark’s Square, the 3,000 square meters water feature on Bordeaux’s well-designed boardwalk, floods with a thin layer of water followed by an apocalyptic mist effect when the water mysteriously disappears on the hour. 
 (Architects: P. Gagnet and Atelier R. Landscape Architects: Michel and Claire Corajoud)